Wired Buddha - the Tao of Technology

Wired Buddha - the Tao of Technology

02 July 2010


What is it about technology that "makes us" want to be plugged in all the time? Why do we feel the need to be plugged in?
We live in a "wired" age now. We're always plugged in. There is no escaping technology.
Well, you could move to a mountain and become a hermit. However, this is not without some drawbacks.
But just because we are wired, does it really mean we need to be?
I remember my childhood days when my family would discuss the day while having dinner. This was the typical nuclear family.
This does not happen anymore. The nuclear family has super-novaed.
These days, around the dinner table, kids are poking with their iDevices and so are the parents.
What went wrong?
People laughed at the phrase: the geeks shall inherit the earth. Wo, who's laughing now? It's Revenge of the Nerds folks. People poked fun at the nerds, now they're getting revenge :)
It is time we learned to live *with* technology, not live for technology.

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